Why are vegans skinny ?

Why Are Vegans Skinny ?


Well we aren’t, and this is a common misconception, and unfortunately this is being spread by non vegans and is recommended for weight loss. No matter which diet you follow, either it’s vegan, vegetarian or traditional diet, it all comes down to your food choices. There are plenty of unhealthy and fast food options available on each of the above diets which will make you gain fat and on the other hand, many people who follow one of the above diets would eat less than they need which will result in being skinny, I’m sure vegans aren’t the only people on this Earth that are skinny.

Why Do Vegans Lose Weight When They Start ?

While this is true in some cases, there are a few reasons that explain why this happens:

  1. The first reason is because usually people who go vegan, start getting rid of the foods that they were eating previously and not replacing those. So by having a “get rid of all meaty and dairy products and not replace those with plant based alternatives” you are definitely going to lose weight whether it’s muscle or fat. But when macros and daily calories are taken in count, and you simply eat same amount of food except you replace everything with plant based foods, you aren’t going to end up losing weight.
  2. Second reason is probably the most common among people who start losing weight when going vegan. And it is because they don’t take in count other changes that are happening alongside with them starting to follow a plant based diet. What do I mean by that ? Most of us starting a vegan diet, would also look back and rethink our previous lifestyle, it could be anything along these lines:
  • Drinking less or not drinking alcohol at all
  • Stop smoking
  • Start Exercsing
  • Overally being more active

Exceptions When Veganism Is Going To Make You Lose Weight

While most of these would result in you becoming a healthier version of yourself and losing weight, we would like to talk more about detoxing phase which every person that becomes vegan would go through.

What is a Detox phase ? In simple words it is the process in which your body is getting rid of all the chemicals that were present in meat and dairy products that you used to consume. We have to mention that these harmful chemicals are also present in alcohol and tobacco, that’s why when quitting smoking and drinking you are also going to lose weight whilst being on the same type of diet.

The amount of weight that you are going to lose when on a vegan diet also depends on how unhealthy were the foods that you used to be eating and your overall lifestyle, a 40 year old meat eater with previously unhealthy lifestyle would lose a lot more weight than a 20 year old (in most cases).

We know you might have heart this one a thousand times already but we have to mention it, and it’s insufficient amount of protein intake. But this won’t happen to most people, as insufficient is considered anything below 30g of protein per day, nothing crazy.

It Also Depends On People Around You

Nowadays Obesity is the number one problem amongst the whole population, and is the cause for most disease such as diabetes and heart conditions. It is not a secret that throughout the time people have changed what naturally is considered as “normal”, and we are talking about weight to height ratio, or your BMI index which is the same thing. For example a 100 years ago, 60kg was a normal weight for a 175cm male, today this would be around 63kg with the same height.

In the UK and even more so in the US, people are so used to seeing overweight people (because most people are overweight) that people of the optimal BMI range can be perceived as skinny. And this is exactly what happens when you start following a vegan diet, your body naturally gets to the weight that it should be in, and for most people you will be considered as skinny. As becoming vegan is going back to what nature has made for us, we shouldn’t be killing anyone for food ! We don’t need to weigh as much as we do, and we don’t need to eat as much as we do.

My Personal Experience When Going Vegan

So if you’ve read up to here, welcome, because this is probably going to be the most useful piece of content out of the whole article. So let’s start from the beginning, I didn’t go straight into veganism just in one day, this all happened throughout a year or so. I have been learning a lot about food industry and the reason I was doing so, was my skin. Yeah you’ve heard it right, I’m not the one who is gifted with a perfect skin, and I used to have a really bad acne for several years. So the decision was made, and my journey to becoming a vegan has begun. First I became pescatarian, and I stopped eating meat, but was still consuming fish and all dairy products. At this point I went from 65kg to 63kg in about 2 months, I have to mention that I’m an athlete so losing weight for me was considered as something bad. But what I have noticed is that I lost only or mainly fat, as I stayed as strong as I was with lower weight and I started seeing more definition in my body. It was time for me to move on, so I cut out fish from my diet aswell, and now I was considered as vegetarian, yay half way there. Nothing really changed for me, and this is probably because I was so obsesses with losing weight that I started taking in loads of protein powder and eating a lot of carbs to maintain my weight and I did that successfully. Although when I went vegan and cut out milk, cheese and eggs, I lost weight and ended up being 60kg, and I have never felt as good as I’m feeling now. I have lost a lot of fat, my body became more defined and I still had the same strength as with my previous weight. So no matter what people tell you about veganism, you should absolutely go for it with no regrets.

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