Where do vegans get protein from

Where Do Vegans Get Protein From ?


The common question that rises in people’s heads after telling them about being vegan is “How do you get your daily protein ?” While it may seem that getting enough protein without meat, eggs, cheese and milk would be challenging, it’s actually easier than you think. Continue reading to learn why do we think that protein is overrated, and how to get enough of it following a plant based diet.

Having to face these questions in everyday life, most vegans would pull out many articles, facts and studies to justify the protein intake. One of these studies we are going to use as an example in our article. A Harvard study found that people who get higher proportion of their protein from plants are more likely to live a longer life compared to heavy meat eaters. We have to mention that unhealthy lifestyle choices including: consuming alcohol and smoking were taken in count.

Despite the belief most people have that receiving enough protein is only possible from animal sources like meat and fish, it is easily possible to do so following a vegan diet. The recommended daily protein intake for an adult person averages at about 50g, so most people who follow a plant based diet would easily meet this guideline without much trouble.

List Of High Protein Vegan Foods:

The key to making sure that you get enough macronutrients throughout the day is planning your diet ahead. Especially when it comes to fulfilling your protein needs, make sure that you have some of it present in each meal or snack.

For those of you looking for an easy way to get your daily protein needs we have prepared a list of protein rich vegan products below:

  1. Lentils

Per cooked cup (~200ml) these would contain 18g of protein, which makes them a great siurce of protein.

Lentils can be used literally anywhere, from simple salads to soups and main dishes.


  1. Tofu and Tempeh

Both come from soybeans which are considered a whole source of protein. Whole source of protein – provides our body with full spectre of essential amino acids which makes Tofu and Tempeh a perfect choice.


  1. Seitan

The richest plant protein source on our list with 25g of protein per 100g of the product. It is made from gluten and is also called a wheat meat due to it’s structure resembling the look and texture of meat when cooked.

  1. Most Varieties of Beans

All types of beans are averaging at about 15g of protein per 100g serving, despite from being really tasty, these also decrease cholesterol levels.


  1. Hempseed

2-3 tablespoons would provide you with approximately 10g of protein, these are perfect to be used as a toping for you salad or even morning oats.


  1. Oats

Speaking about oats, did you know that regular oatmeal can be very rich in protein. With 10g of protein per 100g serving you can easily get all you protein needs.


  1. Nuts and Seeds

Depending on the variety these could give you somewhere between 5 and 7g of protein per handful which is perfect as a high protein snack.


  1. Soy milk

Originated from soy beans with 7g of protein per cup (~200ml) makes soy milk highest protein containing milk across all plant based alternatives. Perfect addition to your morning oats to boost up your protein intake.

Why Is Protein Overrated ?

Especially nowadays, where fitness industry has really got into our heads,  most people visiting the gym would pay attention to their protein intake. Whether it’s gaining or losing weight, people are obsessed with protein, and we are going to tell you why we don’t need nearly as much protein as we are consuming.
Most of this comes from someone that is misinterpreting the units of measurement, and almost every amateur athlete is told to consume 1g / ilb of weight, this would result in more than 100g of protein consumed daily for most people, which would
have severe effects on our health. 

If we look at bodybuilders who consume over 500g of protein daily, all of them would have serious health problems and that isn’t what we are looking to achieve. We have prepared one short answer from a recent reddit article.


“Most of the posts on this sub are about protein, and I get it. As a someone into fitness, protein is one of the big concerns when going vegan. When transitioning I was obsessed with protein aswell. Protein powder in my oats and smoothies, beans in every meal. As time went on I became less obsessed with protein, going from ~180 grams (I’m 200 pounds) to an average of 90 grams a day. And nothing changed. My gainz didnt disappear, I didnt die from protein-deficiency. The increase in carbs actually made me feel a lot better and made the pump feel insane. It also made my life a lot easier not having to obsess with protein-intake, and I challenge you to do the same. There is a lot of bull*** in the fitness industry, and there are a lot of people that benefit from this protein obsessed generation.”


We highly recommend you to not get obsessed over your protein intake. Protein deficiency is very uncommon and in most cases isn’t possible unless a person has eating disorder.

If you want to make sure that your protein intake is sufficient enough, just record what you eat for a day and see if you get a minimum of 40g of protein per day, if you do, then there is no need to change up your protein intake, you better pay attention to your carbs, fiber and healthy fats.


The list above was just an example of products that you can eat in order to boost your protein intake, most vegans would have at least one of those products present in their diets already.

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