How fishing industry polluted oceans

How fishing industry polluted oceans but somehow people think their used straws are the main reason


It’s funny how people are worried about their plastic pollution in the oceans  and blame their plastic straws for that, live a plastic free lifestyle and still keep on eating fish. Sure, reducing our plastic consumption and choosing reusable alternatives would make a difference, but to which extent ?

Lot’s of companies producing plastic free bags, food containers, bottles and straws. But nobody ever discusses the impact that fishing industry has on the amount of plastic in our oceans. Continue reading and you will learn that it is more severe than we can imagine and actually turns out to be the worst thing that us humans are doing

Fishing Industry Is The Biggest Plastic Problem Cause

Imagine a 100,000 cars being thrown into the ocean each year. More than 600,000 tonnes of nets, pots, lines and other fishing gear which is deadly to marine life is being dumped in the sea every year. Which all leads to this:


  • 58% of plastic mass in the ocean is caused by waste generated from fishing industries.
  • Marine animals end up drowning or being choke to death
  • About 350 sea turtles were found dead as a result of ghost gear


Still convinced that using plastic free bags and straws would solve the plastic pollution problem for the full 100% ? Check out on what Louisa Casson (an oceans campaigner at Greenpeace UK ) said “Ghost gear is a major source of ocean plastic pollution and it affects marine life in the UK as much as anywhere else”

Don't Stop Cutting Out Plastic

It may seem like we have presented using plastic free alternatives to the everyday things that you use as useless, but we certainly didn’t mean that. Whilst about 60% of plastic pollution does come from fishing industries, there’s still a lot of changes that can be made to reduce the remaining 40%.

Many researches on the Great Pacific Garbage estimate that most remaining plastic pollutions come from things that us humans can easily change. Sure you can’t go against the entire fishing industry, but you definitely swap your plastic bottle to the glass one, use plastic free straws and change your food container to more environmentally friendly option.

All it takes to make a big change is small steps that we can accomplish every single day.

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